Will Call: order from for Associate Back Office and pick up at your Isagenix Office

Vision and teamwork of our leaders in Colombia have led us to experience unprecedented growth through an extended customer base. Today our operation requires more than ever the support of a technological platform that allows us to maximize our service and make Isagenix a positive experience from first contact with you and your partners, to offer comfort and efficiency in processing your orders. In response to new market needs, Isagenix is pleased to inform you that Will Call service is now available Continue reading →

Celebration CO, 2015 – Agenda

No doubt the Isagenix events are the best way of connecting you and your team with everything that happens around this incredible Welfare Opportunity , which is why we offer the most complete information about what will happen in this first version of the most  expected event of the year. Colombia Celebration 2015 will be divided into six (6) segments, which surely you will  enjoy with your new guests, and of course your team. Here you find a guide that let you know how to participate in these Continue reading →

IsaBody Challenge 2014, a Transforming Experience

2:00 am, March 22nd, 2015, sounding alarms in Bogota, and our IsaBody Challenge  finalists 2014 wake up, surely everyone with a big smile ... and they get ready to enjoytheir achievements on their personal goals. A year ago the IsaBody Challenge started to take hold in Colombia and that wonderful Saturday was prepared to celebrate the triumph of those who decided to take on the challenge during 2014. Thus began an incredible week of celebration in which Isagenix Colombia, delivered to its finalists Continue reading →

LATAM Leadership Bonus 2015

From this March the 30th, 2015 a new period began in which Isagenix Colombia invites its Associates to participate in the LATAM Leadership Bonus, an incentive in which month after month, the most active Associates in the development of their business and their team, are recognized. The LATAM Bonus, that was rewarding Executives and Directors, maintains its rating for these same ranks; excellent news!!, which come to favor our growing market and more participation from Mexico and Colombia Associates.Go Continue reading →

Isagenix Celebrates 13th Anniversary, Prepares for Breakthrough Year

A Note from Jim, Kathy, and Erik Coover It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since Isagenix began operations from our humble roots in Chandler, Arizona. Our journey started with a small group of employees and a few dozen Independent Associates who joined together to free people from physical and financial pain with our Solutions to Transform Lives™. In just over a dozen years, we’ve expanded into 13 countries and territories around the globe, with even more to come! With cumulative Continue reading →

Strategic Leadership Call Instructions

As part of the Isagenix System Growth in Colombia, Strategic Leadership Calls are seeking to open an information space between the Corporate and Associates. Our goal is to provide support in activities that are developed every day for the building of your business. This call is led by our executive team, and will allow you to maximize the tools and incentives that Isagenix Colombia has to offer. As any successful entrepreneur, you must be clear about the strategies you will use in the development Continue reading →

Toll Free Line US – Colombia

Growth is our mainstay for 2015 and the coming years. We know the needs both in Colombia and elsewhere, and of course we have identified the potential that this country has for the American market. More and more Americans Associates who are interested in implementing an interesting r premise of growth "Build Locally, Think Globally"; therefore, Isagenix International has set up a toll-free communication between our associates and prospects in North America and our Call Center in Colombia. Incredible Continue reading →

Leadership Program for New Associates

The P.L.A.N. (Leadership Program for New Assciates), is an extraordinary tool that has helped to build successful businesses in Colombia. Today, network marketing is a strong business trend, our generations are seeking more freedom and greater prosperity without sacrificing their own dreams and personal accomplishments. Increasingly, it is necessary to promote training programs, based on the experiences and knowledge of those who are successful professionals of network marketing. If you are willing Continue reading →

START – Your story in 30 seconds

If you are between18 and 35 years, surely you are part of our generation START, a team of young people who have chosen to believe in the creation of a non-traditional lifestyle  and quite nice. Our team is gaining more and more strength around the world and have made a contagious and successful team, committed to collaborate each other. START's strengths are consolidated with teamwork and of course personal leadership, making network marketing and Isagenix the way to achieve financial freedom. Continue reading →

Renew Your Isagenix Membership

The best investment of 2015 is about to be renewed for a very low cost. Isagenix is close to completing its first year in Colombia, Transforming Lives. If you're part of the group of Associates who started this great project since January 2014, remember that your membership is about to conclude with a successful year and many satisfactions. Renew your membership is a very simple process and first thing you should know is the exact date on which it ends. Here we will provide a step by step that Continue reading →